GO TRADY is Trading name of . UAB “YAKKA TECHNOLOGY”,  witch is one of the leaders in sourcing in the Baltic states. We can source to you any product you need from China and Asia to Africa and America. With our presence worldwide we believe we can help any company to get better quality products with a better offer than any other competitors.
“YAKKA TECHNOLOGY” can offer products OEM, ODM or  with “YAKKA” brand…..
In the Baltic states the market is so small many companies likes to buy from China, but when it comes to MOQ minimum order quantity they find it impossible to place an order to a Chinese factory! Here is the power of “YAKKA”, You do not have to worry anymore about the MOQ – we deal with and get you only the quantity you need for your stores!  with  top best quality and fast   delivery services   and  of course  good  price

We can provide!