Handy Vacuum Sealer YL-281

Handy Vacuum Sealer


Keep food fresh 3-5 times longer than traditional storage methods Save money by buying in bulk and pre-packaging individual servings Reseal open bags of potato chips and other foods Protect against freezer burn, spoilage and odor Pack lunches, leftovers, snacks or entire meals Protect cherished photos and valuable documents Keep charts, maps and matches safe and dry when boating or camping Seal baseball cards and stamps Wrap cosmetics for travel to protect against spills Prevent silver and jewelry from tarnishing Ziplock vacuum bags are also ideal for Sous Vide Cooking

1. Easy,smart & convenient to operate. Powered by battery or adapter. You can take it anywhere for use,such as picnic,camping & other outdoor activities.

2. ABS material is the best for vacuum sealer.It has impact,heat,abrasion,low temperature resistance and stable size.

    PE/PA material for vacuum bag.It’s very durable and can be reusable for at least 30-50 times,not like those disposable one.

    It’s also microwave & freezer safe.

3. Double-layer zippers allow the vacuum bag to seal closely for a longer time.

4. Super vacuum power,its maximum vacuum pressure is 62.5KPA, suction power is 8L/Minute,which ensures it can be 8-12 seconds to seal.

5. Much cheaper than those counter top vacuum sealers.Most of the consumers can afford it.

Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 23 × 10 × 8 cm


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