LED Toilete Light


Auto fonction to light up the toilet when it’s dark   ideal  to help kids  use toilet  at nights .

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MOTION-ACTIVATED: smart human motion detection function makes it more imaginary: automatic on when approach, automatic off when leave! This is an intelligent toilet light, but not a light only! No glary light to annoy you and your partner while you turn on the bathroom light at dark night, it is gentle and soft while bright enough to see clearly.

RED/GREEN LIGHTING: illuminate green when toilet seat is down; illuminate red when toilet seat is up.

EASY TO INSTALL: strong 3M adhesive double-sided tape included to stick the light to toilet lid.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: automatically on when approach, automatic off when leave.

Bathroom lights can be painfully bright in the middle of the night and can disturb you, your partner or your kids’ sleep. Besides, most night lights waste electricity all night long, occupy valuable electrical sockets, and don’t put light where you need it. Our motion sensor toilet nightlight is the solution to all these problems: It turns on when you approach it in the dark, and turns off after you leave, shining gently yet with sufficient light where you need it, when you need it. No more waking up to blinding lights, stumbling around in the dark, falling in the toilet, or aiming in the dark and making a mess! Better yet, our restroom motion activated night light uses RED or GREEN light to cleverly show the position of the seat. It’s smart, energy efficient that makes the bathroom safe and easy to use at night. It is Motion-Activated Toilet Nightlight. It sticks on any toilet lid.

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