Mijia PM2.5 Detector

Is the air you breathe really clean?


Is the air you breathe really clean?

Is the blue sky and white clouds you see really clean? Sometimes the seemingly clear sky may not be really clean. The air contains a lot of harmful substances.  Besides sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, it is not to be overlooked that PM 2.5. Its small size, large area, high activity, easy accompanying toxic and harmful  substance, and a long residence time in the atmosphere, transmission distance, affect human health.

Mijia PM2.5 detector
anytime, anywhere, air quality mastered

The birth of the Mijia PM2.5 detector solves the problem of not being able to understand the air quality around you. The compact size is equipped with a black OLED screen,
and the high-precision laser sensor can be used to keep track of the PM2.5 value of your environment. Through the linkage with the millet air purifier, let the purification
becomes more and more simple and easy, which is the unique charm of the Mijia PM2.5 detector!

Smart linkage, 
a good partner for air purifiers

If you have already bought a millet air purifier, it will become the best partner for the purifier.
You can set the air pollution index range. If the pollution exceeds the standard, the purifier will
be automatically turned on remotely for air improvement. And the air cleaner can also read Mi PM2.5 detector as
a reference value, to obtain more accurate air purification

Good morning, the air has been purified.

When the first sun shines on the face every day, the Mijia PM2.5 detector has already opened the Xiaomi air purifier for you. Get out of bed! Enjoy the energy of clean air, and the warm time mode will let you know if you are late.

Good night, the purifier has been turned off for you.

Purify all day, the home air quality is good, let the air purifier also take a break, set the timing to turn off the air purifier, easy to sleep silently, of course, for good sleep quality, it will adjust the screen brightness, let you sleep well feel.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 63 × 34 × 63 cm


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