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Smart gesture control  self-timer ≠ 45° looking up big face

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Smart gesture control  self-timer ≠ 45° looking up big face
Using big data deep learning technology, Xiaomo camera can intelligently recognize the user’s gesture command, and the recognition rate of the scissors hand can reach 91%.  No need to press the shutter, a gesture can easily control the camera, with a 3 second countdown, completely liberate your hands, so that your selfie is so creative.

Quad-core drive, superior performance

The quad-core Cortex-A53 processor runs at 1.35 GHz and provides a constant source of power for complex algorithms.
Adopt intelligent architecture to provide broad upgrade space and faster software iteration speed for future function expansion.

A neodymium iron boron magnet with a magnetic induction of 3300 Gs is built in, which easily absorbs iron objects.

Supports approximately 500 washes of PU glue that can be firmly
attached to a smooth, sturdy surface.

Convenient charging, long-lasting battery life

The Xiaomo camera is equipped with a 910mAh high-voltage lithium-ion polymer battery, and the standby time exceeds 100 minutes under working conditions, which can meet the daily
shooting requirements of the whole day. Support mobile power charging, replenish power anytime, anywhere, without missing every good moment.

Stylish and exquisite, lightweight and portable

The application of ultrasonic welding technology ensures the structural strength and appearance of the small camera. The PC/ABS body consists of 61
structural members that are lightweight and wear resistant. Up to 287 electronic components are integrated into a small body of 47 × 47 × 27mm, the whole machine
weighs only 65g, can be easily stored, easy to carry.

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 28 cm


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