Perceive ambient light and actively optimize scene lighting

Philips eye protection algorithm
 reading room-level large-scale lighting
built-in ambient light sensor
 mobile phone intelligent control

Full-degree-of-freedom arm, omnidirectional illumination

Whether it is the face of paper reading and writing, or focus on a computer screen, or to accompany bedside lighting at night,  Mi Chi Philips second generation Core lamp lighting the whole freedom of the unique design, always give you a bouquet just right  at the comfort of light .

Unique dual light source for more comfortable use of the eye

In order to keep the brightness of the illumination in the work area and the brightness of the surrounding area as uniform as possible, avoid excessive eye fatigue caused by frequent contraction of the pupil.

Smart recognition to make a smart night light

With the built-in ambient light sensor, when the desk lamp is recognized as a night scene, tap any button to turn on the night light mode, with a warm light to accompany every peaceful night.

Technical Specs

  • Light sourceLED chip
  • Color temperature4000K neutral light
  • Color rendering index82
  • IlluminationLux 1200 @ 40cm
  • Dimmingtouch 4 segment dimming, APP stepless dimming
  • Rated voltage100 - 240V~
  • Rated frequency50/60Hz
  • Rated current0.3A
  • Rated power10W (40 x 0.12W + 10 x 0.24W / LED modules)
  • Wi-Fi moduleWi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
  • Materialaluminum alloy and PC engineering plastic


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