Hot Air Popcorn Maker RH-788

Hot air popcorn maker

Hot air popcorn maker
Only need 3-5 mins
Without oil preparation
Suitable for popcorn use
Hot-air circulation for less calories generation
On/off switch
Non-slip rubber feet

Popcorn perfect snack for a variety of occasions: when you have guests visiting, while watching a movie, series or sports, while walking through the city or nature.

Have you ever made popcorns a for movie night with your family and their taste wasn’t as good as the ones in movie theaters?

How you ever wondered what is the secret of delicious popcorn?

Is it some specific type of butter? Or maybe salt or other seasoning?

Cheese & caramel?

The specific type of topping? Or the way they are popped?

No matter do you like them salty, spicy or sweet, the key to delicious popcorn is a good popcorn kernel!

My family loves eating popcorn too, so I tend to pop them often and, if I may say, I became quite good at it!

In this article I will give you my experiences about which popcorn kernel brands i use, how I prepare them and some other information that might interest you when picking the best one for your taste.

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 14.5 × 27.5 cm


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