Smart Cinema K Professional

It is the ideal music companion for living room TV 


It is the ideal music companion for living room TV 

So you can experience the immersive audio and video effects at home. With HiFi sound, it is equipped with the Golden McGee karaoke platform to let you sing at any time. It has a slender and full body, with 6 internal bass.

This internal model A3 audio product

in addition to the traditional audio function, is the intelligent audio, smart amplifier, TV box, KTV karaoke machine and home theater five major equipment in one, using the “Golden McKee” K song copyright system and “CIBN” film and television copyright system, with her, whether you want to sing K songs, or want to enjoy the movie blockbuster, do not need to input audio input and video source like traditional audio products, all you need It can be retrieved from the internal system of this audio product, and it has a very good performance both in terms of sound quality and clarity.

In addition to the powerful internal built-in system function

this audio product can also be connected with mobile phones, tablets and other devices for scanning code and Bluetooth connection, so that your use is not limited and you can play it.

The cabinet is made of high-grade wood

which is formed by one-time bending and the surface is matched with natural wood grain. It is thick, strong and has good sealing.

The front face of the product is made of high-grade aluminum alloy material, processed by the anode drawing process, and matched with a gridded smooth grain design, showing the high-end atmosphere and fine workmanship to showcase the art of craftsmanship.

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 96 × 15.5 × 33 cm


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