Xiaomi Mijia Smart Rear View Mirror

I can hear and say, navigate and listen to the song.


I can hear and say, navigate and listen to the song.

It is a 6.86″ ​​large screen, also a high-definition rearview mirror.  Hands free, true smart voice rearview mirror  ADAS driving assistance system, 1080P HD driving recorder

ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance
Timely Warning for Potential Hazards

Built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic field sensor can more sensitively sense the motion state of the vehicle, combine high-definition camera to capture images and real-time GPS data, construct vehicle dynamic model fusion algorithm and road environment perception algorithm, provide drivers with road safety warning and reminder To make driving easier. The mobile app can view driving scores and develop good driving habits.

All-round guardian security, reversing images can also be clearly visible

After installing the reversing image camera, the front and rear double recording function can be realized, which brings a safety protection to the driving process; the vehicle gear is
hung to the reverse gear position, and the rear view mirror screen is switched to the reversing image screen, and the vehicle is clearly and comprehensively observed. Rear road conditions.

Weight 0.71 kg
Dimensions 34 × 12 × 6 cm


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